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Winter Term Honor Roll

You got the A grade!

UCC celebrates its students who are making the grade! 

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Director of Registration and Records has announced the 2019 Winter Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.75 or higher GPA) is comprised of 115 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 122 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.

President’s Honor Roll

Thompson Patrick Garden City ID
Waller Carson Ashland OR
Holtby Hannah Ashland OR
Cole Christopher Camas Valley OR
Payne Jacob Camas Valley OR
Teachman Tobey Camas Valley OR
Cupp Grace Canyonville OR
Buxton Kacy Canyonville OR
Buxton Katelyn Canyonville OR
Menzel Madeline Canyonville OR
Hulsey Krystal Cave Junction OR
Bean Luke Cottage Grove OR
Whetzel Joshua Days Creek OR
Kruzic Micah Days Creek OR
Billiel Jessica Drain OR
Osmack Keith Elkton OR
Inskeep Emily Glendale OR
McQueen John Glendale OR
Woodley Synthany Glendale OR
Binder Ashley Glide OR
McKinney Debra Glide OR
Jacobson Donna Glide OR
Ferguson Lila Glide OR
Geiger Stephanie Glide OR
Miller Caleb Lebanon OR
Robbins Joshua Medford OR
Kezer Ryan Medford OR
Quirarte Alexander Myrtle Creek OR
Bohannon Brandon Myrtle Creek OR
Teichner Danielle Myrtle Creek OR
Graham Eva Myrtle Creek OR
Gideon Jayramae Myrtle Creek OR
Warner Johnathan Myrtle Creek OR
Fort Keith Myrtle Creek OR
Bates Sarah Myrtle Creek OR
Quintana Shammah Myrtle Creek OR
Cooksey Stephen Myrtle Creek OR
Skeesick Thorin Myrtle Creek OR
Cherry Aaron Oakland OR
Garcia Denissa Oakland OR
Vinci Houston Oakland OR
Briggs Kambriann Oakland OR
Cherry Owen Oakland OR
Mattoon Skyler Oakland OR
Munoz Jessica Oakridge OR
Madeza Kori Oregon City OR
Pretorius Donne Portland OR
Milton Krysta Riddle OR
Kilby Alana Roseburg OR
Hillman Alec Roseburg OR
Sanchez Ali Roseburg OR
Flory Alicia Roseburg OR
Vradenburg Alissa Roseburg OR
Carrion Alma Roseburg OR
Carter Alyssa Roseburg OR
Thorson Octuck Amber Roseburg OR
Malone Angelica Roseburg OR
Van Osdol Anita Roseburg OR
Furness Ashley Roseburg OR
Ward Ashley Roseburg OR
Gregg Austin Roseburg OR
Sensabaugh Azure Roseburg OR
Logsdon Bailey Roseburg OR
Gladding Caleb Roseburg OR
Feigel Cali Roseburg OR
Painter Cara Roseburg OR
Hastings Chiquita Roseburg OR
Ivy Christan Roseburg OR
Steward Christina Roseburg OR
Wadsworth Clayton Roseburg OR
Camden Cody Roseburg OR
Weaver Cole Roseburg OR
Jackson Colleen Roseburg OR
Tsai Curtiss Roseburg OR
Hunter Daniel Roseburg OR
Neeley Danny Roseburg OR
Greer David Roseburg OR
Rodriguez David Roseburg OR
Shoop Devin Roseburg OR
Vaughn Donald Roseburg OR
Thompson Easton Roseburg OR
Smart Emily Roseburg OR
Robbins Emma Roseburg OR
Hoang Eric Roseburg OR
Klekas Eric Roseburg OR
Wyscaver Erin Roseburg OR
Peters Fallon Roseburg OR
Astgen Freyja Roseburg OR
Leif Garison Roseburg OR
Campbell Grace Roseburg OR
Reaney Heather Roseburg OR
Billings Heidi Roseburg OR
Webber Isabell Roseburg OR
Kloha Isabella Roseburg OR
Chavez J. Reyes Roseburg OR
Meil Jamie Roseburg OR
Singleton Jamie Roseburg OR
Williams Jamie Roseburg OR
Wilson Jared Roseburg OR
Tolar Jason Roseburg OR
Mahan Jeremy Roseburg OR
Smith Jeremy Roseburg OR
Broskey Jessica Roseburg OR
Mead Jordan Roseburg OR
Smith Jordan Roseburg OR
Cadd Julia Roseburg OR
Riley Julia Roseburg OR
Benson Julius Roseburg OR
DiStefano Karina Roseburg OR
Hicks Katherine Roseburg OR
McClarin Kathryn Roseburg OR
Rosemire Katrina Roseburg OR
Lanza Kayla Roseburg OR
Hansberger Kevin Roseburg OR
Jeffries Kevin Roseburg OR
Kuntz Kimberly Roseburg OR
Johnson Kira Roseburg OR
Kuczler Kohlton Roseburg OR
Mays Kyla Roseburg OR
David Kyle Roseburg OR
Hansen Kyle Roseburg OR
Smith Kyle Roseburg OR
Mendelson Laurel Roseburg OR
Montgomery Lindsi Roseburg OR
Parazoo Lisa Roseburg OR
Hill Logan Roseburg OR
Sivola Lonnie Roseburg OR
Gwaltney Maddison Roseburg OR
McCann Madeleine Roseburg OR
Holborow Madison Roseburg OR
Schandelmeier Madison Roseburg OR
Hoopes Mae Roseburg OR
Cobb Magdalina Roseburg OR
Arredondo Margarita Roseburg OR
Fuentes Marissa Roseburg OR
Landis Melissa Roseburg OR
Curlin Michele Roseburg OR
Epley Michele Roseburg OR
Jordan Molly Roseburg OR
Jansen Morgan Roseburg OR
Cordell Natalie Roseburg OR
Wayman Nicholas Roseburg OR
Schiro Nickayla Roseburg OR
Cox Nicole Roseburg OR
Smith Noah Roseburg OR
Goodwin Pamela Roseburg OR
Conlan Patricia Roseburg OR
Wedge Quinlan Roseburg OR
Decker Rachel Roseburg OR
Kaur Ravneet Roseburg OR
Comer Rebecca Roseburg OR
Cole Rebekah Roseburg OR
Grant Renee Roseburg OR
Seguerra Ronette Roseburg OR
Jones Ruby Roseburg OR
Eichman Samantha Roseburg OR
Drennen Sara Roseburg OR
Seder Sara Roseburg OR
Rikard Savanna Roseburg OR
Weberg Shelby Roseburg OR
Yu Shyla Roseburg OR
Lejeune Sienna Roseburg OR
Knuuttila Stacey Roseburg OR
Lantz Susan Roseburg OR
Pollak Taylor Roseburg OR
Stricklin Taylor Roseburg OR
Trauthwein Taytam Roseburg OR
Johnston Thomas Roseburg OR
Walt Thomas Roseburg OR
Ackley Tina Roseburg OR
Claughton Tina Roseburg OR
Terry Travis Roseburg OR
Case Tristan Roseburg OR
Peterson Tyler Roseburg OR
Mackey Vivian Roseburg OR
Young Viviana Roseburg OR
Ralston Zoey Roseburg OR
Acosta Michelle Sherwood OR
Duncan Jessica Springfield OR
Summers Jessica Springfield OR
Annis Mariah Springfield OR
Truebe Stephen Springfield OR
Harris Andrew Sutherlin OR
Janzen Archer Sutherlin OR
Mercer Brannon Sutherlin OR
Heintz Britney Sutherlin OR
Lemke Cameron Sutherlin OR
Dee Clayton Sutherlin OR
Derrick Crystal Sutherlin OR
Byars Faith Sutherlin OR
Gettys Grace Sutherlin OR
Horvath Hannah Sutherlin OR
Turner Hannah Sutherlin OR
Adamson Hope Sutherlin OR
VanGordon Ian Sutherlin OR
Rogers Jada Sutherlin OR
Milbrat Jesse Sutherlin OR
Sulffridge Katlin Sutherlin OR
Fishbaugher Laura Sutherlin OR
Bebeau Mariah Sutherlin OR
Strode Nicholas Sutherlin OR
Johnston Penelope Sutherlin OR
Wolfe Raichel Sutherlin OR
Brown Tristian Sutherlin OR
Moreland Urara Sutherlin OR
Grindberg Vyla Sutherlin OR
Dowdy Elaina Tenmile OR
James McKenzie Tenmile OR
Barnes Grant Umpqua OR
Campman Aleta Winchester OR
Remington Brooklyn Winchester OR
Ramsey Caryn Winchester OR
Roman Dalton Winchester OR
Edwards Faith Winchester OR
Haney Michael Winchester OR
Allen Priya Winchester OR
Limatoc Shayla Winchester OR
Pena Ashley Winston OR
Moore Brandon Winston OR
Manning Dianna Winston OR
Pearce Eric Winston OR
Shirley Heidi Winston OR
Smalley Jennifer Winston OR
Brands Joshua Winston OR
Blair Joyce Winston OR
Gillian Kadin Winston OR
Lavin-Williams Molly Winston OR
Rothacker Samantha Winston OR
Frank Tammy Winston OR
Simons Benjamin Yoncalla OR
Miller Cheryl Yoncalla OR
Dickey Erika Yoncalla OR
Buckner Jamie Yoncalla OR
Campbell Spencer Pleasant View UT
Sutton Jacob South Jordan UT
McClerren Sydney Lake Stevens WA

Dean’s Honor Roll

Ekada Laura Fairbanks AK
Castillo Lillian Cameron Park CA
Merrell Turner Azalea OR
Ewing Devan Camas Valley OR
Wilson McKenna Coquille OR
Lamb Adam Cottage Grove OR
Wilson Jodie Dillard OR
Barrone Adrianna Drain OR
Burris Carson Drain OR
Holmberg Shayla Drain OR
Rodgers Kelsey Eugene OR
Young David Glendale OR
Villanueva Gordon Carlos Glide OR
Potter Collyn Glide OR
Cunningham Cyller Glide OR
Thompson Gordon Glide OR
Reed Makayla Glide OR
Boyles Shayne Glide OR
Kupelian Joshua Grants Pass OR
Fisher Jenny Hermiston OR
Valle Blanca Medford OR
Gassman Jonathan Medford OR
Aripe Maria Medford OR
McDowell Anastacia Myrtle Creek OR
Hill Andrew Myrtle Creek OR
Elliott Grace Myrtle Creek OR
Goins Jacob Myrtle Creek OR
Johnson John Myrtle Creek OR
Hulsey Jordan Myrtle Creek OR
Morton Kacee Myrtle Creek OR
McFarland Karlie Myrtle Creek OR
Slay Savannah Myrtle Creek OR
Kiley Caleen Oakland OR
Knowlton Chris Oakland OR
Cline Constance Oakland OR
Bayless Paige Oakland OR
Martin Spencer Oakland OR
Shakoor Amiyah Portland OR
Young John Riddle OR
Mello Melinda Riddle OR
Ehrhardt Jordan Rogue River OR
Mignola Alexandria Roseburg OR
Eubanks Alisha Roseburg OR
Lewis Alysia Roseburg OR
Wikstrom Anisha Roseburg OR
Briggs Anthony Roseburg OR
Soares Anthony Roseburg OR
Sewall Austin Roseburg OR
Licari Bailey Roseburg OR
Graves Brianna Roseburg OR
Garnica Lemus Britney Roseburg OR
Neavoll Brittney Roseburg OR
Burkman Brookelyn Roseburg OR
Aulman Caitlyn Roseburg OR
Blocher Catherine Roseburg OR
Brown Chalice Roseburg OR
Clausen Christa Roseburg OR
Andino Christian Roseburg OR
Dorn Ciara Roseburg OR
Morin Cora Lee Roseburg OR
Sullivan Debra Roseburg OR
Maddern Desiree Roseburg OR
Luna Elizabeth Roseburg OR
Blum Emily Roseburg OR
Abercrombie Erica Roseburg OR
Martinez Francisco Roseburg OR
Harman Hannah Roseburg OR
Wicks Hannah Roseburg OR
Costa Jack Roseburg OR
Janzen Jacqueline Roseburg OR
Harvey Jaime Roseburg OR
McClain-Davis Joseph Roseburg OR
Castro Juliana Roseburg OR
Luther Kayla Roseburg OR
Worwood Kira Roseburg OR
Prehall Lesli Roseburg OR
Wheaton Lilyanna Roseburg OR
Metz Marin Roseburg OR
Snyder Mary Roseburg OR
Beebe Misty Roseburg OR
Chasteen Naomi Roseburg OR
Gausnell Rayna Roseburg OR
Patterson Rebecca Roseburg OR
Sanderson Samantha Roseburg OR
Abraham Samuel Roseburg OR
Jaworski Sarah Roseburg OR
Shinn Sarah Roseburg OR
Reel Shannon Roseburg OR
Ricks Sierra Roseburg OR
Jones Simon Roseburg OR
Sigvartsen Stacia Roseburg OR
Hunter Stephen Roseburg OR
Patoine Stephen Roseburg OR
Maclean Tristan Roseburg OR
Martin Max Rufus OR
Ortiz Kimberly Scio OR
Hayes Jaclyn Springfield OR
Melton Lindsay Springfield OR
Rethwill Alex Sutherlin OR
Hanson Ashley Sutherlin OR
Trevino Astashia Sutherlin OR
Briggs Bowen Sutherlin OR
Brodie Jennifer Sutherlin OR
Porter Kiersten Sutherlin OR
Carpine Michala Sutherlin OR
Wynn Parker Sutherlin OR
Westbrooks Riley Sutherlin OR
Fugate Tonya Sutherlin OR
Finn Paulina The Dalles OR
Stevens Anthony Winchester OR
Utupo Lamardiarutitelinave a Winchester OR
Becker Madison Winchester OR
Paul Sydney Winchester OR
Thomas Jacob Winston OR
Young Jessica Winston OR
Dedmon Kimberlee Winston OR
Wanamaker Michael Winston OR
Cardillo Olivia Yoncalla OR
Mayfield Andrew Winnsboro TX
Mortensen Kolten Santaquin UT
Riggle Sienna Stansbury Park UT
Nigro Gabrielle Virginia Beach VA

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