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Fall Term Honor Roll

You got the A grade!

UCC is proud to recognize the many students that are making great efforts in these challenging times. Congratulations River Hawks! 

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Director of Registration and Records has announced the 2020 Fall Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.75 or higher GPA) is comprised of 224 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 106 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.

President’s List


Taylor Cross JBER AK
Charis Rieder Brentwood CA
Lauren Eilts Redding CA
Rayonni Mack Vacaville CA
Annabel Fitter Mt Eliza Canada
Trina Thompson Felton DE
Gracie Andersen Blackfoot ID
Kristen Thomas Blackfoot ID
Brenner Williams Martinsville  IN
Finnegan Snyder Bozeman MT
Hunter Alberini Las Vegas NV
Matthew Lee Azalea OR
Hannah Myers Baker City  OR
Tyler Lilly Banks OR
April Rentz Camas Valley OR
James Beans Camas Valley OR
Shelby Payne Camas Valley OR
Claire Cupp Canyonville OR
Hunter Langley Canyonville OR
Kacy Buxton Canyonville OR
MaKenna Sharp Canyonville OR
Oliver Lemley Canyonville OR
William Ferch Canyonville OR
Laura Brigl Coburg OR
Morgan Cox Coos Bay OR
Grace Myler Creswell OR
Lana Caruso Dallas OR
Caleb Kruzic Days Creek OR
Dragonfly Buck Dillard OR
Jordan Vian Dillard OR
Kimberly Machacek Dillard OR
Leonard Buck Dillard OR
Arianna Helgren Drain OR
Austin Frieze Drain OR
Bailey Holcomb Drain OR
Carson Burris Drain OR
Richard Keene Drain OR
Sofia Alcantar Drain OR
Felipa Fales Henderson EUGENE OR
Stella Wilson-Hamaker EUGENE OR
Cyller Cunningham Glide OR
Trevor Roland Glide OR
Nichole McNair Gold Beach OR
Krista Peterson Grants Pass OR
Isaac Beaman Hood River OR
Fallon Hanson Junction City OR
Celia Adkins Medford OR
Garrett Ryan Medford OR
Aidynn Holsapple Myrtle Creek OR
Derek Sjogren Myrtle Creek OR
Kathryn Dimeglio Myrtle Creek OR
Kaylie York Myrtle Creek OR
Melissa Annand Myrtle Creek OR
Michael Powell Myrtle Creek OR
Olivia Blankenship Myrtle Creek OR
Riley Spears Myrtle Creek OR
Rogue Skrip Myrtle Creek OR
Savannah Russell Myrtle Creek OR
Clifton Bevers Myrtle Point OR
Jennifer Clark North Bend OR
Kimberly Hendricks North Bend OR
Austin Vanhouten Oakland OR
Brenden Terrell Oakland OR
Heather McGuire Oakland OR
Keagan Whittier Oakland OR
John MacNeela Portland OR
William Devenney Portland OR
Abigail Whipple Roseburg OR
Aiyana Brown Roseburg OR
Alaric Kaul Roseburg OR
Alexandra Fessenden Roseburg OR
Ally Winkler Roseburg OR
Alyssa Carlson Roseburg OR
Amanda Cerda Roseburg OR
Amy Jordan Roseburg OR
Andariel Lehi Roseburg OR
Anne Hadwen Roseburg OR
August McCraw Roseburg OR
Benard Luff Roseburg OR
Braxton Tabor Roseburg OR
Brayden Michael Roseburg OR
Brig Schofield Roseburg OR
Camille Angelene Dela Cruz Roseburg OR
Carter Lehrbach Roseburg OR
Chelsea Lane Roseburg OR
Cherakea Randall Roseburg OR
Christina Townsend Roseburg OR
Coby Bowden Roseburg OR
Collin Jeppson Roseburg OR
Curtis Neal Roseburg OR
Cybelle MacLean Roseburg OR
Dallin Loosli Roseburg OR
Dalton Pariani Roseburg OR
Danielle Teichner Roseburg OR
Deirdre Haley Roseburg OR
Doran Gillespie Roseburg OR
Ean Smith Roseburg OR
Elizabeth Eckman Roseburg OR
Elizabeth Tipping Roseburg OR
Emily Michel Roseburg OR
Emily Stetson Roseburg OR
Eryn Clark Roseburg OR
Ethan Winn Roseburg OR
Evita Negrete Roseburg OR
Garrett Russell Roseburg OR
Gianna Landes Roseburg OR
Hannah Nestripke Roseburg OR
Haylee Schulze Roseburg OR
Jace Stoffal Roseburg OR
Jacob Hastings Roseburg OR
Jacob Soslowsky Roseburg OR
James Reinwald Roseburg OR
Jane Harvey Roseburg OR
Jeffery Sternbeck Roseburg OR
Jeffrey Banks Roseburg OR
Jennifer Ford Roseburg OR
Jerika Whightsil Roseburg OR
Jessica Saxton Roseburg OR
Jillian Pimentel Roseburg OR
John Oliverson Roseburg OR
Jonah Hibbert Roseburg OR
Jordan Chrisenbery Roseburg OR
Jordan Mesa Roseburg OR
Josalynn Ferguson Roseburg OR
Joshua Teichner Roseburg OR
Justin Smith Roseburg OR
Kai Castle Roseburg OR
Kalin Ivey Roseburg OR
Karissa Rosenquist Roseburg OR
Kason Bonds Roseburg OR
Katelyn Crawford Roseburg OR
Kati Beebe Roseburg OR
Kylee Aldstadt Roseburg OR
Kyleigh Scott Roseburg OR
Larisa Czernowski Roseburg OR
Lauren Sandfort Roseburg OR
Lesli Prehall Roseburg OR
Lonnie Sivola Roseburg OR
Mackenzie Wayman Roseburg OR
Madison Davis Roseburg OR
Maggie Wheaton Roseburg OR
Marah Baker Roseburg OR
Marchae Reyes Roseburg OR
Marcus Sherwood Roseburg OR
Marissa Fuentes Roseburg OR
Marissa Smith Roseburg OR
Mashayla Belloir Roseburg OR
Maya Lindskog Roseburg OR
Melia Cuevas Roseburg OR
Miriam Childers Roseburg OR
Moriah Nielsen Roseburg OR
Mya Schuyler Roseburg OR
Nathaniel Webb Roseburg OR
Peyton Manning Roseburg OR
Rachael Briggs Roseburg OR
Rebecca Ertler Roseburg OR
Rebekah Cole Roseburg OR
Ryan Huntley Roseburg OR
Samantha Eichman Roseburg OR
Sarah Sibley Roseburg OR
Sierra Britton Roseburg OR
Sofia Poblano Roseburg OR
Sophia Cohan Roseburg OR
Teila Thompson Roseburg OR
Teresa Feiereisen Kilroy Roseburg OR
Tori Ruiz Roseburg OR
Travis Terry Roseburg OR
Trevor Muir Roseburg OR
Trey Johnson Roseburg OR
Tyla Elam Roseburg OR
Vivian Mackey Roseburg OR
William Harris Roseburg OR
Grant Ortiz Scio OR
Sheila O Mara Springfield OR
Amanda Wulff Sutherlin OR
Angelina Barrett Sutherlin OR
Baylee Irwin Sutherlin OR
Bo Blum Sutherlin OR
Cynthia Turner Sutherlin OR
Erin Hayes Sutherlin OR
Faith Byars Sutherlin OR
Francine Salvador Sutherlin OR
Jacob Reinwald Sutherlin OR
Jamie Carroll Sutherlin OR
Jenna Hunter Sutherlin OR
Joaquin Vicencio Sutherlin OR
Kendall O Rorke Sutherlin OR
Khrystal Abbott Sutherlin OR
Kimberley Edwards Sutherlin OR
Kirstan Price Sutherlin OR
Kodi Fisher Sutherlin OR
Maranda Burlison Sutherlin OR
Mariah Gurule Sutherlin OR
Ryan King Sutherlin OR
Jesika Guido Tenmile OR
Dexter Patching Tillamook OR
Kara Glass Umpqua OR
Christopher Thomson Wilbur OR
Alesha Stevenson Winchester OR
Braden Abbott Winchester OR
Kassandra Miller Winchester OR
Kristina Adams Winchester OR
Madison Wagner Winchester OR
Paviat Rai Winchester OR
Savannah Peterson Winchester OR
Sophavid Choum-Starkey Winchester OR
Brittany Bratlie Winston OR
Cassandra Watson Winston OR
Dakota Bunn Winston OR
Danielle Perley Winston OR
Emery Goin Winston OR
Ezra Ross Winston OR
Jay Buschmann Winston OR
Kayla Kilburn Winston OR
Kristina Yop Winston OR
Lisa Mendell Winston OR
Tammy Frank Winston OR
Taylor Exceen Winston OR
Amanda Hoeffliger Huckins Yoncalla OR
Tiffanie Robbins Yoncalla OR
Delfina Misiuna Bydgoszcz Poland
Daniel Johnson Houston TX
Leiani Tonga Washington UT
Charlie Galanti Bellevue WA
Drake Aboud Spanaway WA

Dean's List

Jason Leon Indio CA
Kemar Edwards Avon CO
Owen Viano Boise ID
Karley Todd Idaho Falls ID
Tyson Wallace Lewiston ID
Gabriela Rudd Clyde NC
Paula Preston Allegany OR
Alexandra Plover Cave Junction OR
Adam Lamb Cottage Grove OR
Alecia Schneider Cottage Grove OR
Isiah Boling Days Creek OR
Jake Gerrard Drain OR
Aria Blackwood Eugene OR
Kelden Davis Glide OR
Angela Milburn Grants Pass OR
Logan Sinor Hermiston OR
Seth Cross Junction City OR
Braydon Wright Klamath Falls OR
Hunter Mcirvin Marcola OR
Caroline Elliott Myrtle Creek OR
Jenna Whitmore Myrtle Creek OR
Schyler Robinson Myrtle Creek OR
Andrea Bean Oakland OR
Angelina Denten Oakland OR
Cassidy Bragg Oakland OR
Steven Moss Oakland OR
Donne Pretorius Portland OR
Alexander Prater Roseburg OR
Amiya Fulton Roseburg OR
Aspen Graves Roseburg OR
Avery Simmie Roseburg OR
Bethany Himalaya Roseburg OR
Breez Hansen Roseburg OR
Britney Danson Roseburg OR
Brittany Glasser Roseburg OR
Brittany Perry Roseburg OR
Carol Valentine Roseburg OR
Ceci Potter Roseburg OR
Cierra Weger Roseburg OR
Cody Fredrickson Roseburg OR
Daniel Roesel Roseburg OR
Dante Sofia Roseburg OR
David Wagoner Roseburg OR
Devin Clark Roseburg OR
Ella Rader Roseburg OR
Elly Yore Roseburg OR
Emmalie Morin Roseburg OR
Gage Baylis Hines Roseburg OR
Heidi Duclos Roseburg OR
Isaiah Heard Roseburg OR
Jacob Luther Roseburg OR
Jacob Mesa Roseburg OR
Jared Bagley Roseburg OR
Jared Booth Roseburg OR
Jason Salinas Roseburg OR
Jazmine Pardo Rams Roseburg OR
Jordan Hurley Roseburg OR
Jordan Morrow Roseburg OR
Joshua Risley Roseburg OR
Julissa Landeros Roseburg OR
Kaevon Burney Roseburg OR
Kamilah Mirza Roseburg OR
Karen Bello Roseburg OR
Kaylee Osborne Roseburg OR
Kenneth Calderon Roseburg OR
Krystan Markillie Roseburg OR
Kyndel OConnor Roseburg OR
Lilliann Restrepo Roseburg OR
Logan Hill Roseburg OR
Luke Van Norman Roseburg OR
Miranda Stilwell Roseburg OR
Morgan Flanagan Roseburg OR
Mykenzie Brennan Roseburg OR
Ramsey Todd Roseburg OR
Rebecca Cunningham Roseburg OR
Samuel Abraham Roseburg OR
Selena Jackson Roseburg OR
Steen Olson Roseburg OR
Taylor Martin Roseburg OR
Timothy Do Roseburg OR
Tyler Gries Roseburg OR
Zoe Gagliano Roseburg OR
Candace Hastings Sutherlin OR
Carissa Erickson Sutherlin OR
Carver Beck Sutherlin OR
Haileigh Hudgins Sutherlin OR
Reinaldo Alcantar Bello Sutherlin OR
Sheri Miller Sutherlin OR
Skyler Harrington Sutherlin OR
Trina Smith Tenmile OR
Caleb Werner Tillamook OR
Kyle Schwartz Veneta OR
Austin Anderson Winston OR
Citlaly Calvillo Winston OR
Dane Pelobello Winston OR
Devin Black Winston OR
Jadyn McAbee Winston OR
Kieryn Carnes Winston OR
Tiffany Adkins Winston OR
Matt Lystrup Yoncalla OR
Genessa Eldredge Sandy UT
Kyle Wolden Mount Vernon WA
Sydney Hopewell Renton WA
Chase Lindsay Standwood WA
Shelby Lund Stanwood WA

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